Lockeport Cottage

This cottage is our first. The other cottages were designed from this one so it's special to us. Although it doesn't have the skylight in the bathroom it offers the guest it's own unique view of Birchtown Bay. The bathtub is two person whirlpool. The campfire pit is also situated so you and a loved one can have your own private view of the water for that romantic evening under the stars.Lockeport Cottage also features an electric fireplace. Named after the town of Lockeport which is about a half hour drive away from Boulder Cove. The town is a gem in itself boasting the traditional small town culture Nova Scotia is known for. It makes a great day trip because the town is built beside Crescent Beach, once featured on Canada's 50 dollar bill. See our local activities page for more information.

Lockeport cottage


Lockeport Cottage now features a fireplace



patio view

Your patio view

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