Here are some scenic pictures of Churchover, where Boulder Cove Cottages is located.

Pictured below is Sidney Mahaney's boathouse and wharf. Sidney Mahaney was famous for the dory's he built at the JC Willams Dory Shop in Shelburne. He would row from this wharf to work every morning in one of the dory's he built. Today the Dory Shop is a museum where you can learn more about Sidney and the famous "Shelburne dory".

Sidney's wharf

Always fresh off the boat, here at the Gunning Cove Fisheries Market you can find the best of what the Atlantic Ocean has to offer in season.

Gunning Cove Fisheries

The notorious church in Churchover, Nova Scotia. Located on top of Churchover Hill this Anglican Church was built in 1946-47 after the first church (built in 1842) was struck by lightening and burned down. The fish plant behind the church used to be the schoolhouse.


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