Boulder Cove Spa Services

What else do you need but good health and a great view.


After an evening facial, here is where you could end up; a bottle of wine or a nice cold beer, what ever helps you to relax and just enjoy the moment. Boulder Cove offers facials, manicures and pedicures by house aesthetian Beth Van Buskirk. Beth has traveled the world to gain experience in the spa industry and now enjoys pampering Boulder Cove guests, making their visit to her home town a rejuvenated and memorable one.


One Hour Facial        $70.00
Pedicure                    $48.00
Manicure                   $40.00

Fine Print.

Available most evenings. Appointments are recommended 48 hours a head of time to guarantee service. Prices do not include tips. Boulder Cove also offers massage treatments which need to be made a week in advance. Call 1-866-732-7867 to make your appointment with your reservation. Your cottage and campfire by the sea is waiting for you.

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